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Product Description


Oval Flange Units

The UCFL 2 bolt flange unit (RHP SFT and MSFT series) consists of a bearing insert with a spherical outer diameter in a cast iron housing. The bearing is usually fixed to the shaft by means of 2 set screws in the extended portion of the inner ring.


Housing, grey cast iron.
Bearing, ball-bearing steel 100Cr6.
Seal, rubber NBR.


Housing, painted.


Pillow block bearings consist of a sealed single-row ball bearing with a spherical outer ring which is mounted in a housing. Because of the spherical outer surface of the bearing, shaft misalignment can be compensated for. The bearings are manufactured with a plus tolerance. This results in transition or press fits when using shafts with h-tolerances. The shaft is secured by grub screws on the inner ring.

In normal applications, pillow block bearings are maintenance-free due to the lifetime lubrication. In difficult environmental conditions re-lubrication can be carried out over the grease nipple.

All housing dimensions are nominal dimensions for which the usual casting tolerances must be taken into consideration.

Temperature range:

-15 °C to +100 °C.


Typ Shaft Dimensions in mm Weight
in mm h a e b S2 S1 g w Bi n ds (kg)
UCP201 12 30,2 127 95 38 19 13 15 62 31 12,7 M10 0,63
UCP202 15 30,2 127 95 38 19 13 15 62 31 12,7 M10 0,63
UCP203 17 30,2 127 95 38 19 13 15 62 31 12,7 M10 0,63
UCP204 20 33,3 127 95 38 19 13 15 65 31 12,7 M10 0,65
UCP205 25 36,5 140 105 38 19 13 16 70 34 14,3 M10 0,79
UCP206 30 42,9 165 121 48 21 17 18 83 38,1 15,9 M14 1,3
UCP207 35 47,6 167 127 48 21 17 19 94 42,9 17,5 M14 1,6
UCP208 40 49,2 184 137 54 21 17 19 100 49,2 19 M14 2
UCP209 45 54 190 146 54 21 17 20 108 49,2 19 M14 2,2
UCP210 50 57,2 206 159 60 25 20 22 114 51,6 19 M16 2,8
UCP211 55 63,5 219 171 60 25 20 22 126 55,6 22,2 M16 3,4
UCP212 60 69,8 241 184 70 25 20 25 138 65,1 25,4 M16 4,8
UCP213 65 76,2 265 203 70 29 25 27 150 65,1 25,4 M20 5,7
UCP214 70 79,4 266 210 72 31 25 27 156 74,6 30,2 M20 7
UCP215 75 82,6 275 217 74 31 25 28 163 77,8 33,3 M20 7,6
UCP216 80 88,9 292 232 78 31 25 30 175 82,6 33,3 M20 9
UCP217 85 95,2 310 247 83 31 25 32 187 85,7 34,1 M20 11,5
UCP218 90 101,6 327 262 88 33 27 34 200 96 39,7 M22 14,3
Typ Shaft Dimensions in mm Weight
in mm h a e b S2 S1 g w Bi n ds (kg)
UCP305 25 45 175 132 45 20 17 16 85 38 15 M14 1,6
UCP306 30 50 180 140 50 20 17 19 95 43 17 M14 2,1
UCP307 35 56 210 160 56 25 17 21 105 48 19 M14 2,8
UCP308 40 60 220 170 60 27 17 23 116 52 19 M14 3,6
UCP309 45 67 245 190 67 30 20 25 128 57 22 M16 4,7
UCP310 50 75 275 212 75 35 20 28 143 61 22 M16 6,4
UCP311 55 80 310 236 80 38 20 31 154 66 25 M16 7,8
UCP312 60 85 330 250 85 38 25 33 165 71 26 M20 9,4
UCP313 65 90 340 260 90 38 25 36 174 75 30 M20 10,3
UCP314 70 95 360 280 90 40 27 40 186 78 33 M22 11,9
UCP315 75 100 380 290 100 40 27 40 197 82 32 M22 14,5
UCP316 80 106 400 300 110 40 27 45 209 86 34 M22 17,1
UCP317 85 112 420 320 110 45 33 45 221 96 40 M27 19,2
UCP318 90 118 430 330 110 45 33 50 233 96 40 M27 21,1
UCP319 95 125 470 360 120 50 36 50 250 103 41 M30 28,2
UCP320 100 140 490 380 120 50 36 55 275 108 42 M30 34,8
UCP322 110 150 520 400 140 55 40 60 295 117 46 M33 43,2
UCP324 120 160 570 450 140 55 40 70 321 126 51 M33 54
UCP326 130 180 600 480 140 55 40 50 355 135 54 M33 72,1
UCP328 140 200 620 500 140 55 40 60 393 145 59 M33 91,2
Typ Shaft Dimensions in mm Weight
in mm h a e b S2 S1 g w Bi n ds (kg)
UCFL201 12 113 90 15 12 25,5 12 60 33,3 31 12,7 M10 0,49
UCFL202 15 113 90 15 12 25,5 12 60 33,3 31 12,7 M10 0,49
UCFL203 17 113 90 15 12 25,5 12 60 33,3 31 12,7 M10 0,49
UCFL204 20 113 90 15 12 25,5 12 60 33,3 31 12,7 M10 0,49
UCFL205 25 130 99 16 14 27 16 68 35,7 34 14,3 M14 0,63
UCFL206 30 148 117 18 14 31 16 80 40,2 38,1 15,9 M14 0,94
UCFL207 35 161 130 19 16 34 16 90 44,4 42,9 17,5 M14 1,2
UCFL208 40 175 144 21 16 36 16 90 51,2 49,2 19 M14 1,6
UCFL209 45 188 148 22 18 38 19 108 52,2 49,2 19 M16 1,9
UCFL210 50 197 157 22 18 40 19 115 54,6 51,6 19 M16 2,2
UCFL211 55 224 184 25 20 43 19 130 58,4 55,6 22,2 M16 3,2
UCFL212 60 250 202 29 20 48 23 140 68,7 65,1 25,4 M20 4,1
UCFL213 65 258 210 30 24 50 23 155 69,7 65,1 25,4 M20 5,1
UCFL214 70 265 216 31 24 54 23 160 75,4 74,6 30,2 M20 5,9
UCFL215 75 275 225 35 22 57 23 165 79,5 77,8 33,3 M20 6,4
UCFL216 80 290 233 35 23 59 25 180 84,3 82,6 33,3 M22 7,9
UCFL217 85 305 248 36 26 63 25 190 87,6 85,7 34,1 M22 9,6
UCFL218 90 320 265 40 26 68 25 205 96,3 96 39,7 M22 12,1


DSR Bearing provides the Pillow Block Bearings
Name Pillow Block Bearings
We provide High precision & Stable quality
Material Iron Steel, 52100 Bearing Steel GCr15, Plastic, Ceramic, Stainless steel etc.
Sealed Type Open / Steel Shield / Rubber Seals
Clearance C0 C2 C3 C4
Tech Precision Ground, Heat Treated, Polished, Hard Chrome Plated
Feature Low noise, corrosion, rust resistance, and long service life
Applications * Hydraulic Cylinders
* Mining & Construction Equipment
* Mine ventilators
* Exhaust and fresh air fans
* Flue gas fans
* Emergency power supply generator flywheels
* Transmissions
* Belt drivesEnergy
* Impact and hammer mills
* and many, many more…
Certificate ISO9001:2015
Delivery time 5-30days, determined by the quantity
Payment terms L/C, T/T
Free Sample The sample charge and shipping fee are paid by the buyer.
Stock Great Supplying Ability
Company Type Manufacturer
Factory Address ZheJiang , China.
Office Address ZheJiang , China.
Workers 200+
MOQ 10 pcs standard bearings
10000 pcs customized your brand bearings
OEM policy We can printing your brand (logo, artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield.
We can custom your packaging according to your design
All copyright own by clients and we promised don’t disclose any info.
Packing * Industrial package + outer carton + pallet
* Single box + outer carton + pallet
* Tube package + middle box + outer carton + pallet
* Original packaging + pallet
* According to your requirements
Remark 1. Less than 45kgs, send by Express
2. Between 45 – 150kgs, send by Air
3. More than 150kgs, send by Sea

ZheJiang CZPT Bearing can supply you with the broadest possible array of bearings. In addition to Ball bearing, Roller bearing, Needle bearing, Pillow Blocks, we manufacture Flange blocks, Rolling mill bearing, Slide bearing and Water pump bearing. Our unparalleled experience as a total manufacturer and exporter for these industries is essential for the development and application of a premier product line for all general industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve every customer, from backyard mechanics, to independent shop owners, to automotive technicians, to large manufacturing plants. Our Target Industries served are Agricultural Equipment, Cranes, Electric Motors, Gearboxes, Material Handling, Packaging Machinery, Power Tools, Pumps, Railways and Transportation, Robotics, and products for Textile Machinery. ZheJiang Bearing Company is a stronger and growing exporter of bearing in China.

In addition to manufacturing commodity-based bearing products, CZPT Bearing makes custom bearing solutions for OEM. ZheJiang CZPT bearing has stringent quality control standards and maintains complete control over supply, using only the highest grade bearing steel.

Our mission is to fully provide for you. Well into our more than Ten years of business, we are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in bearing product here. Please call, email, or stop by for more information.

We have well facilities and complete equipment strong technology and professional after-sales service.

Q1: What does ZheJiang CZPT Bearing & Manufacturing do? What are your specialties?
A1: With over 15 years’ experience, ZheJiang CZPT Bearing is a manufacturer of a full line of standard ball and roller bearings. Currently, we offer 13 different bearing series which are available across a wide size range, including IDs from 5/64″ to 6-1/2″ and ODs from 15/64″ to 13-3/4″.

In addition, we also make custom, made-to-order ball bearings and roller bearing components that aren’t shown on our website or catalog. We have quoted items per print, per sample, and as interchanges for other manufacturer’s products.

Q2: What types and styles of bearings do you make?
A2: We make a variety of bearing types, including ball bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings, combination bearings, pillow block bearings, custom bearing, and more.

Moreover, we can make bearings in many styles and configurations, including single direction, double direction, caged, banded, separated, open, enclosed, full ball compliment, etc.

Q3: Do you offer any unique secondary services?
A3: Besides bearings, we offer a variety of secondary services to our contract manufacturing customers. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities include CNC turning and machining, manual turning and machining, CNC milling, lapping, super finishing, induction welding, laser marking of finished parts, automatic saw cutting, reverse engineering, and CNC grinding, including ID grinding, OD grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding, and double disk grinding.

Q4: What services separate ZheJiang CZPT Bearing from other suppliers?
A4: Unlike ZheJiang CZPT Bearing, some bearing suppliers do not manufacture their own products. Many of them purchase bearings in other factory, and quite often, these suppliers will change their source of supply without informing customers, resulting in quality issues. ZheJiang CZPT Bearing’s products are manufactured in north China manufacturing facility.

In addition, we hold a unique spot in the industry because we are CZPT to combine the capabilities of a large bearing manufacturer with the precision and attention to detail of a small bearing shop. This allows us to offer personalized service, short lead times, on-time delivery, trusted bearing expertise, innovative solutions, top quality products, and more.

Q5: Do you have any industry certifications?
A5: Yes. Upon request, we can provide SGS, material certs, inspection reports, and material trace ability. Please include all certifications you require along with your RFQ, if any.

Q6: What is your privacy policy, return policy, and terms & conditions? Is there a warranty?
A6: We do offer a warranty that says all products are free of manufacturing defects, and depending on the circumstances, we may allow returns with a 25% restocking fee.

Q7: What is your manufacturing process?
A7:  All materials are sourced domestically (i.e., chrome steel, stainless steel, ceramic, bronze, brass, etc.). Individual components for the bearings are machined in-house on our CNC lathes. Machined pieces are sent out locally for heat treating (hardening). Upon return, the pieces are precision machined, washed, and assembled into finished bearings. Bearings are laser marked and either stocked or packaged for shipping.

For Further Information About Our Products or Services, Please Contact Our Sales Team via Phone or Email Today.

The Four Basic Components of a Screw Shaft

There are 4 basic components of a screw shaft: the Head, the Thread angle, and the Threaded shank. These components determine the length, shape, and quality of a screw. Understanding how these components work together can make purchasing screws easier. This article will cover these important factors and more. Once you know these, you can select the right type of screw for your project. If you need help choosing the correct type of screw, contact a qualified screw dealer.

Thread angle

The angle of a thread on a screw shaft is the difference between the 2 sides of the thread. Threads that are unified have a 60 degree angle. Screws have 2 parts: a major diameter, also known as the screw’s outside diameter, and a minor diameter, or the screw’s root diameter. A screw or nut has a major diameter and a minor diameter. Each has its own angle, but they all have 1 thing in common – the angle of thread is measured perpendicularly to the screw’s axis.
The pitch of a screw depends on the helix angle of the thread. In a single-start screw, the lead is equal to the pitch, and the thread angle of a multiple-start screw is based on the number of starts. Alternatively, you can use a square-threaded screw. Its square thread minimizes the contact surface between the nut and the screw, which improves efficiency and performance. A square thread requires fewer motors to transfer the same load, making it a good choice for heavy-duty applications.
A screw thread has 4 components. First, there is the pitch. This is the distance between the top and bottom surface of a nut. This is the distance the thread travels in a full revolution of the screw. Next, there is the pitch surface, which is the imaginary cylinder formed by the average of the crest and root height of each tooth. Next, there is the pitch angle, which is the angle between the pitch surface and the gear axis.


There are 3 types of head for screws: flat, round, and hexagonal. They are used in industrial applications and have a flat outer face and a conical interior. Some varieties have a tamper-resistant pin in the head. These are usually used in the fabrication of bicycle parts. Some are lightweight, and can be easily carried from 1 place to another. This article will explain what each type of head is used for, and how to choose the right 1 for your screw.
The major diameter is the largest diameter of the thread. This is the distance between the crest and the root of the thread. The minor diameter is the smaller diameter and is the distance between the major and minor diameters. The minor diameter is half the major diameter. The major diameter is the upper surface of the thread. The minor diameter corresponds to the lower extreme of the thread. The thread angle is proportional to the distance between the major and minor diameters.
Lead screws are a more affordable option. They are easier to manufacture and less expensive than ball screws. They are also more efficient in vertical applications and low-speed operations. Some types of lead screws are also self-locking, and have a high coefficient of friction. Lead screws also have fewer parts. These types of screw shafts are available in various sizes and shapes. If you’re wondering which type of head of screw shaft to buy, this article is for you.

Threaded shank

Wood screws are made up of 2 parts: the head and the shank. The shank is not threaded all the way up. It is only partially threaded and contains the drive. This makes them less likely to overheat. Heads on wood screws include Oval, Round, Hex, Modified Truss, and Flat. Some of these are considered the “top” of the screw.
Screws come in many sizes and thread pitches. An M8 screw has a 1.25-mm thread pitch. The pitch indicates the distance between 2 identical threads. A pitch of 1 is greater than the other. The other is smaller and coarse. In most cases, the pitch of a screw is indicated by the letter M followed by the diameter in millimetres. Unless otherwise stated, the pitch of a screw is greater than its diameter.
Generally, the shank diameter is smaller than the head diameter. A nut with a drilled shank is commonly used. Moreover, a cotter pin nut is similar to a castle nut. Internal threads are usually created using a special tap for very hard metals. This tap must be followed by a regular tap. Slotted machine screws are usually sold packaged with nuts. Lastly, studs are often used in automotive and machine applications.
In general, screws with a metric thread are more difficult to install and remove. Fortunately, there are many different types of screw threads, which make replacing screws a breeze. In addition to these different sizes, many of these screws have safety wire holes to keep them from falling. These are just some of the differences between threaded screw and non-threaded. There are many different types of screw threads, and choosing the right 1 will depend on your needs and your budget.


There are 3 types of screw heads with points: cone, oval, and half-dog. Each point is designed for a particular application, which determines its shape and tip. For screw applications, cone, oval, and half-dog points are common. Full dog points are not common, and they are available in a limited number of sizes and lengths. According to ASTM standards, point penetration contributes as much as 15% of the total holding power of the screw, but a cone-shaped point may be more preferred in some circumstances.
There are several types of set screws, each with its own advantage. Flat-head screws reduce indentation and frequent adjustment. Dog-point screws help maintain a secure grip by securing the collar to the screw shaft. Cup-point set screws, on the other hand, provide a slip-resistant connection. The diameter of a cup-point screw is usually half of its shaft diameter. If the screw is too small, it may slack and cause the screw collar to slip.
The UNF series has a larger area for tensile stress than coarse threads and is less prone to stripping. It’s used for external threads, limited engagement, and thinner walls. When using a UNF, always use a standard tap before a specialized tap. For example, a screw with a UNF point is the same size as a type C screw but with a shorter length.


A spacer is an insulating material that sits between 2 parts and centers the shaft of a screw or other fastener. Spacers come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are made of Teflon, which is thin and has a low coefficient of friction. Other materials used for spacers include steel, which is durable and works well in many applications. Plastic spacers are available in various thicknesses, ranging from 4.6 to 8 mm. They’re suitable for mounting gears and other items that require less contact surface.
These devices are used for precision fastening applications and are essential fastener accessories. They create clearance gaps between the 2 joined surfaces or components and enable the screw or bolt to be torqued correctly. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right spacer for the job. There are many different spacers available, and you should never be without one. All you need is a little research and common sense. And once you’re satisfied with your purchase, you can make a more informed decision.
A spacer is a component that allows the components to be spaced appropriately along a screw shaft. This tool is used to keep space between 2 objects, such as the spinning wheel and an adjacent metal structure. It also helps ensure that a competition game piece doesn’t rub against an adjacent metal structure. In addition to its common use, spacers can be used in many different situations. The next time you need a spacer, remember to check that the hole in your screw is threaded.


A nut is a simple device used to secure a screw shaft. The nut is fixed on each end of the screw shaft and rotates along its length. The nut is rotated by a motor, usually a stepper motor, which uses beam coupling to accommodate misalignments in the high-speed movement of the screw. Nuts are used to secure screw shafts to machined parts, and also to mount bearings on adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves.
There are several types of nut for screw shafts. Some have radial anti-backlash properties, which prevent unwanted radial clearances. In addition, they are designed to compensate for thread wear. Several nut styles are available, including anti-backlash radial nuts, which have a spring that pushes down on the nut’s flexible fingers. Axial anti-backlash nuts also provide thread-locking properties.
To install a ball nut, you must first align the tangs of the ball and nut. Then, you must place the adjusting nut on the shaft and tighten it against the spacer and spring washer. Then, you need to lubricate the threads, the ball grooves, and the spring washers. Once you’ve installed the nut, you can now install the ball screw assembly.
A nut for screw shaft can be made with either a ball or a socket. These types differ from hex nuts in that they don’t need end support bearings, and are rigidly mounted at the ends. These screws can also have internal cooling mechanisms to improve rigidity. In this way, they are easier to tension than rotating screws. You can also buy hollow stationary screws for rotator nut assemblies. This type is great for applications requiring high heat and wide temperature changes, but you should be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

China Standard Mounted Bearing UCFL211-32 Ucf UCFL UCP UCT CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT Powder Equipment Motor Bearing Pillow Block Bearing Automation Construction Food & Beverage   near me supplier China Standard Mounted Bearing UCFL211-32 Ucf UCFL UCP UCT CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT Powder Equipment Motor Bearing Pillow Block Bearing Automation Construction Food & Beverage   near me supplier